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NEW Sunset Healthcare Solutions Bleep Eclipse Starter Kit 100589

NEW Sunset Healthcare Solutions Bleep Eclipse Starter Kit 100589



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Included in this Sale:

  • Eclipse Frame
  • Two 32-packs of Halos 32-day supply MFG PN 100590
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • FREE Ground Shipping to the USA

Case# 100630

The BLEEP Eclipse™ Starter Kit includes the headgear-free Eclipse™ mask frame and two 32-packs of Halos™ (32-day supply) for immediate use. This clinically-proven NO LEAKS PAP solution is the only one of its kind on the market. No headgear, no mask lines and no broken hair. The comfortable Eclipse mask frame includes a diffuser and flexible tube and connects to Halos in lieu of headgear. Halos affix to the nasal area without inserting into the nostrils, significantly reducing irritation and claustrophobia, driving patient comfort and health, and preventing face marks. Halos are hypoallergenic, with gentle, surgical grade adhesive, and free from BPA, corn or latex. Halos utilize innovative MagSeal™ technology for rapid connection and disconnection. BLEEP sleep solutions are covered by Medicare and insurance, and the only CPAP solutions fully made in the USA.

Eclipse Starter Kit - Features :

  • Designed for use before and during sleep
  • Can be worn by those who have facial hair (slight trimming may be required)
  • Users can sleep on their back or side (tube management system recommended)
  • Smallest, quietest CPAP mask, allowing users to sleep peacefully
  • Features a Rapid Click on-off MagSeal to easily click the flexible frame on and of
  • Fits every nose shape perfectly and can be trimmed to customize the fit for each individual user
  • All CPAP & BiPAP Machines (Adapter required for use with AirMini Travel CPAP Machines.)  

Not Compatible With some medical devices and implants. MAGNETIC WARNING: Magnets used in the MagSeal for Eclipse are within ICNIRP guidelines for general public use. The magnetic strength is 65 mt. Ensure the mask is at least 0.8 inches (2 cm) away from any active medical implant or medical device (e.g., pacemaker, defibrillators, neurostimulators, cochlear implants, hearing aids), to avoid possible effects from localized magnetic fields. If patient/household member has magnets or metal in their bodies consult a physician prior to use.

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