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Wireless Emergency Nurse Call Systems

Wireless Emergency Nurse Call Systems

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Vision Link Wireless Nurse Call System, MicroVision 500Z® Wireless Emergency Call Systems, WanderVision Wandering Patient Alert System, Wireless Ventilator Alarm


The VisionPro® Wireless Security System combines life safety, security and cost effectiveness and provides emergency notification with message escalation for staff, military, student security and Homeland Security applications. The VisionPro® monitor offers unique four function wireless emergency alarm personal transmitters that provide location upon computer look up or when user activated. A full line of wireless emergency alarm devices including flush and surface central monitoring stations, button units for mounting in or under seats and tables, universal transmitters with three ID numbers, and a variety of security devices to monitor emergency exits, stairwell doors, water overflow, temperature change, and other hazards. The commercial wireless security alarm information can be sent via mass notification or to any combination of computer and desktop consoles, PDAs, iPods, readerboards, telephones, cellular phones, pocket pagers, two-way radios, email, central monitoring station, and more.


  • Staff Emergency
  • Schools & Campus
  • Hospitals & Mental Health
  • Clinics & Medical Offices
  • Gated Communities
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • Smoke Detection
  • Egress Notification
  • Motion/Glass Breakage



  • Wireless Pendant, Wrist & Belt Transmitters
  • Wireless Door and Window exit sensors
  • Wireless pull, push button and patient stations
  • Universal transmitter with three unique ID's
  • Programmable alarm delay timer
  • Smoke/Motion/Water/Glass breakage sensors
VisionLink products


  • Pendant location active lookup Pendant elopement notification
  • Day/Night notification schedules
  • Ships pre-programmed for your application
  • System watchdog assures flawless operation
  • All devices, stations and pendants supervised for operation and battery level
  • Spread spectrum wireless technology ensures the alarms always display
  • Monitors ventilators, exit doors, smoke & motion detectors, equipment & security
  • Corridor and zone lights with one to four color LED's "daisy chain" on a single pair

No matter how dedicated, nursing staff cannot be everywhere at once. This is where our wireless MicroVision and Vision Link systems can help. They use 900 MHz spread spectrum wireless technology to link your patients to your staff 24 hours a day. When a monitored ventilator, IV pump or other device goes into alarm, the patient name, room number and other information is wirelessly transmitted to the console at the nursing station and to pocket pagers or other notification devices carried by your nursing staff.

Prevent Ventilator Alarm Fatigue
Each alarm transmitter has event timer that allows you to set the number of seconds between the ventilator’s initial alarm and when the event is wirelessly transmitted to nursing staff. This helps reduce nuisance alarms that contribute to ventilator alarm fatigue.

User Friendly
Our systems arrive pre-programmed for your use and are very easy to install. Just plug the transmitter into the alarm output on the ventilator, plug the console into an electrical outlet at the nursing station and it's ready to go. Not at the console? No problem. Caregivers can be equipped with optional pocket pagers or other wireless device for alarm call notification. Each alarm call can vibrate or tone to annunciate the call and the display will show the room number or name associated with the device.

ventilator alarm



  • Three dry contact relays for mag lock, CCTV activation.
  • Integrated keypad for staff bypass and event re-set
  • Built in 900MHz transmitter
  • Programmable per door for tag pass through or alarm
  • Piezo alarm sounder with volume and on/off control
  • Dual condition - door open and tag detected
  • Single condition - anytime door is open with tag detected
  • Mag lock override (re-set code)
  • Optional staff notification via Mobile App, Cell phone, pager & more
  • LCD display for alarm information
  • USB port for quick programming updates.


We offer wearable fall alarm transmitters that automatically send "Fall Alarm" notification to staff if a patient falls down anywhere within the range of the wireless repeater network and a help request when the button is pressed for assistance. We also offer bed exit monitors that plug directly into the Vision Link or MicroVision bedside patient station for automatic notification to the nursing station and staff pagers when a patient leaves their bed. The system displays the event as a "Bed Exit" with the patient's name, room number and any other desired information. This information is silently sent to staff pocket pagers or other notification devices so the appropriate caregiver can respond.

Bed Monitor - Provides both an alarm at the nursing station console and an in-room alarm with volume control that can be silenced if desired. The system consists of a control unit that is mounted on the headboard of the bed and a pressure sensitive pad that measures variable resistance.

Chair Monitor
 - A battery-operated portable monitor with an audible exit alarm which includes a one-year reusable chair sensor pad. The sensor pad is placed on the seat of the chair. The resident is then seated and the monitor is turned on. If the resident attempts to leave the chair, the monitor sounds an audible alarm and wirelessly sends the event information to the nursing station and staff notification devices.


Pendant Transmitter - A personal pendant transmitter can automatically send the wearer's name and location to staff if the resident falls down or leaves a monitored area. The resident can also press the button anytime they need assistance.

Floor Mat Fall Monitor - Weight-sensing floor mats signal a fall alarm when weight is placed on the floor mat fall alarms. Floor Mat signals the fall alarm with as little as one and a half pounds of pressure. The Floor Mat Alarm may be placed at the side of a bed or in a doorway to alert the caregiver when a resident arises or attempts to depart. The alarm information is then wirelessly transmitted to the console and caregiver.

Motion Detector – A small passive infrared (PIR) transmitter that “sees

The WanderVision door controller is a wandering patient solution that provides a fully integrated door controller including a keypad, magnet, backlit color LCD display, piezo sounder, status LED's, USB programming port, either wired or wireless operation, embedded 900MHz transmitter, three dry contacts for optional hardware connectivity.

Fully integrate-able with VisionLinkII, MV500Z, or as a stand alone console. The Wander Vision can be programmed to control single or dual doors and can determine which resident tags alarm at that location as well as which tags to allow patient to pass through the door.


WanderVision Wander Management System offers seamless integration with the Vision Link Wireless Nurse Call and Mobile App. It can also send wander alerts to any nurse call system. Vision Link reports show who took the call, their response time and much more. With Mobile App send wander alerts over Wi-Fi to any Android or Apple phone or device including the resident name, photo and door location. Two way voice for Mobile App adds the ability for staff to talk to each other. Pagers, email, text messaging, and more can be set up to notify and escalate alarms until canceled.

WanderVision uses highly accurate RFID to detect a wandering resident and to eliminate nuisance alarms. When a wanderer is detected, the alarm information including door name, resident name, and photo can be sent to staff. Alarms are cancelled by entering a code or scanning a prox card at the door controller or touching a call cancel magnetic wand to the wanderer’s wristband. The system is fully supervised and will notify staff if a wristband or other device has a low battery, becomes inactive or leaves the building.

Wireless Emergency Messaging System


Wireless alarms from any transmitter and receiver can be sent to any notification type or combination with escalation until the alarm is canceled. Wireless emergency messaging systems from any patient station, emergency pull station, personal pendant, ventilator, code blue, or other device can annunciate at any nursing station and staff member while security alarms from motion, smoke, water, door exit, window, or patient elopement can notify security staff. Wireless emergency messaging systems provide programmable information including user location for pendant transmitters if desired. Any combination of devices can receive notification.


  • Wireless Telephones (WiFi/DECT)
  • Panasonic, Ascom & Spectralink
  • Desktop and Computer Consoles
  • Email
  • Pocket Pagers
  • iPod
  • iPad
  • Vocera Badge
  • Cell Phones
  • LED Signs
  • Two Way Radios
  • Central Monitoring Station


  • Event Notification
  • Acknowledge Alarm when accepted
  • Forward Alarm if busy
  • Cancellation Alarm
  • Callback Extension
  • Two Way Voice to Room Messaging confirmation


  • All call notification and group notification from on or off site


  • Alarms escalate until resolved.
  • Configurable escalation time and multiple escalation paths (groups, devices).
  • Alarm cancel notification


  • Message a nurse
  • Free message delivery
  • Ultra-fast message delivery (typically 2 seconds)
  • Full Site Coverage

    patient alert systems


    • Windows 10® operating system
    • 900 MHz spread spectrum technology
    • Fully supervised (self-testing)
    • Alarm Calls reset at the source
    • Low battery alert
    • Password protection
    • Visual/audible alarm prioritization
    • User replaceable long-life battery

    Exceptional Reporting Capabilities

    Vision Link Wireless Nurse Call Systems® and VisionPro Wireless Emergency Call Systems® provide eight Call Analysis Reports including COVID-19 Contact Tracing Report, battery and operational reports, staff and resident reports as a standard feature. If you need additional or a more detailed medical call reporting system showing staff performance, simplified electronic health records, charting, and graphing, then select our optional Advanced Call Analysis Software Package. This license can be installed anytime and is often used by an administrator or nurse manager so they can view all active calls, or just escalated calls, on the system just as if they were sitting at the nursing station. The call reports can also be memorized and automatically emailed to staff on your desired schedule and format. Call analysis reports include staff response times, the number of calls from each patient, room or area, and much more.

    COVID-19 Contact Tracing Reports

    Are you able to provide a call analysis report showing of who and where staff and residents have spent time with while in your facility? The Vision Link II Contact Tracing medical call reporting system can tell you in a matter of seconds which staff and residents an infected individual has been in contact with and where. This helps facilities quickly know who should be tested. Systems Technologies understands the power of knowledge and invaluable information, which is why we have committed substantial time and energy into building a historical reporting mechanism that enhances the way your business functions, while helping to protect your staff and residents during these crucial times.

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