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NEW Demo ResMed Stellar 150 ventilator

NEW Demo ResMed Stellar 150 ventilator


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ResMed Stellar 150 ventilator

The ResMed Stellar 150 is a versatile noninvasive ventilator with invasive capabilities. Designed for multiple uses, the Stellar 150 is effective for both at-home and clinical use, including treatment for COPD, NMD, OHS, and emergency respiratory care. Ideal for patients with changing needs, the Stellar 150 system includes VAPS (intelligent Volume Assured Pressure Support), ST (Spontaneous - Timed), PAC (Pressure Assisted Control, CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), S (Spontaneous) and T (Timed) modes, with an adjustable interface for both masks and tracheostomy tubes. In addition to the wide range of modes, the Stellar 150 is approved for any patient weighing13 kg or more, which makes it adaptable for pediatric as well as adult patient needs. And with ResScan, a state-of-the-art data management system, users not only have access to real-time data on a large color LCD display but can also use default setup options for specific pathologies, making it easy to address patient needs in a timely fashion. At the same time, ResMed’s IntelligentAir technology will continuously adjust to patient needs during treatment, matching rise and fall times to each patient’s condition for a thoroughly accommodating ventilation support experience.

Product Features:

  • Wide Range of Modalities
  • Personalized Care and Comfort
  • Default Settings and Auto-Scaling
  • Multiple Power Options
  • For Pediatric as well as Adult Care
  • Humidifier Options
  • Multiple Fixed and Adjustable Alarms.

Wide Range of Modalities

The Stellar 150 Ventilator from ResMed includes VAPS (intelligent Volume Assured Pressure Support), ST (Spontaneous - Timed), PAC (Pressure Assisted Control, CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), S (Spontaneous) and T (Timed) modes. This also includes iVAPS, iBR and AutoEPAP via ResMed’s IntelligentAir technology, which enables real-time monitoring and automatic adjustments to meet patients’ changing ventilatory needs

Personalized Care and Comfort

In addition to ResMed’s IntelligentAir technology, the Stellar 150 incorporates numerous comfort and support features that allows for easily adjusted or automated settings to suit patients' needs: Vsync and TiControl are included for leak compensation and inspiratory management. Ramp settings and Rise and Fall times allow gradual increases and decreases in pressure. And.trigger and cycle sensitivity levels can be adjusted according to each patient's condition. Together, these technologies provide the best comfort and patient support available.

Default Settings and Auto-Scaling

The ResMed Stellar 150 is an intuitive system. Its user-friendly menu makes settings and setup options easy and quick for anyone, while the ResScan patient management system offers real-time flow and pressure data, tidal volume, and SpO2 and FiO2 levels on a large high-resolution color LCD display. At the same time, the auto-scaling function automatically adjusts graphs to scale for a clearer picture and easy assessment. Setting defaults are organized by disease category to assist therapy initiation and setup, making it easy to treat patients quickly and according to their specific conditions.

Multiple Power Options

The Stellar 150 includes multiple power options: The internal battery allows for 2 hours of continuous power while the optional external batteries add power for one – or two – RPS II batteries with an average 8-hour capacity. In addition, the DC converter allows for DC use anywhere with a DC outlet, including by card.

For Pediatric as well as Adult Care

The Stellar 150 Ventilation System is designed for versatility and is adaptable to any patient needs, both adult and pediatric. Its range of modes with invasive and non-invasive options makes it an effective tool for both at-home and clinical use, as well as for emergency ventilation support.

Humidifier Options

The Stellar 150 has more than one humidifier option which includes heated humidification with H4, HumiCare D900, and the H4i humidifier. A humidifier is recommended for prolonged ventilation, especially for patients who experience dryness of the nose, mouth, or throat.

Multiple Fixed and Adjustable Alarms

Another feature of the Stellar 150 is its broad range of fixed and adjustable alarms to keep users aware of any problems that might occur. These include standard fixed alarms for circuit disconnect, overpressure, blocked tube, and internal battery empty warnings. While adjustable alarms include high leak, low minute ventilation, low and high pressure, low and high respiratory rate, apnea-hypopnea event, low and high FiO2, low SpO2, and non-vented mask.


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