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NEW Breas Vivo 65 Ventilator with 3 Year Warranty and Free Shipping

NEW Breas Vivo 65 Ventilator with 3 Year Warranty and Free Shipping

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Includes in this Sale:
  • NEW Breas Vivo 65 Pediatric or Adult continuous or intermittent Ventilatory Support Mechanical Ventilation.
  • Certified Patient Ready for 2 Years 
  • Power Cord 
  • SD Card 
  • Carry Bag 
  • User Manual 
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Free Ground shipping to the US 


Patient Modes  Adult, Pediatric
Device Modes  Home, Clinical
Inspiratory Pressure  4 to 50 cmH2 O
PEEP  Off, 2 cm H2 O to 20 cm H2 O for Adult / 20 cm H2 O Pediatric
Tidal Volume  50 - 2000 ml
Target Volume 50 - 2000 ml
Breath Rate 4 - 60 bpm, 0 - 60 bpm in MPV mode
SIMV Rate  4 to 60 bpm
Inspiratory Time 0.3 to 5 s
Backup Inspiratory Time  0.3 to 5 s
Rise Time  1 to 9 50 - 90 %, Off
Inspiratory Trigger  1 to 9
Expiratory Trigger 1 to 9
Minimum Inspiratory Time Off, 0.3 to 3 s
Maximum Inspiratory Time  0.3 to 3 s, Of
Flow Pattern  Square, decelerating
Sigh Function On/Off, rate (50, 100, 150, 200, 250), sigh% (125, 150, 175, 200%)


 Power Supplies
Mains supply  100 to 240 V AC
External battery  24 V DC
Click-on battery 8 hours
Internal battery 3.5 hours


Displayed data Ppeak, PEEP, Pmean, Leakage, MVe/MVi, Vte/Vti , FiO2 , % in TgV, Total Rate, Spont Rate, % Spont I:E, Insp. Time, Rise Time, SpO2 , Pulse Rate, EtCO2 , InspCO2
Waveforms Pressure, Flow, Volume, CO2
Trends over 1, 6, 24 and 48h Ppeak, PEEP, Total rate, Spont rate, Vti, Vte, Leakage, SpO2 , EtCO2


Main Alarms
High Pressure, Low Pressure, High PEEP, Low PEEP, High Vte/Vti , Low Vte/Vti , High MVe/MVi, Low MVe/ MVi, High Breath Rate, Low Breath Rate, Apnea, Disconnection, Rebreathing, High FiO2 , Low FiO2 , High SpO2 , Low SpO2 , High EtCO2 , Low EtCO2 , High InspCO2, High Pulse Rate, Low Pulse Rate, Low Last Power Source, Obstruction.


W x H x D  13.7 × 4.7 × 10.4 inches (13.7 × 4.7 × 11.4 inches with click-on battery)
Weight 11.7 lbs (15.2 lbs with click-on battery)
Noise level (at 10 cmH2 O constant pressure)  Less than 30 dB(A)



  • Pressure and volume Breath rate 60 bpm (controlled). 50 ml minimum volume.
  • Circuits Single limb with leakage port or exhalation valve. Dual limb circuits enabling exhaled volume measurement.
  • Trigger Responsive trigger to cope with the needs of the most sensitive patients.
  • Blower Innovative design with advanced energy preservation technology.
  • Modes Pressure and Volume Modes with Target Volume, Mouthpiece Ventilation and SIMV


  • Excellent trigger and highly accurate volume measurement technology
  • Extensive set of modes, including Pressure and Volume Modes, Mouthpiece
  • A variety of patient circuits: Single limb with leakage or exhalation valve and dual limb for measurement of exhaled volume
  • Extensive alarms
  • Three profiles to quickly adjust the settings to the needs of the patient
  • Simple menu structure
  • i-Button explains functions and alarms with a single click CONNECTIVITY TO PC SOFTWARE
  • PC software allows to monitor up to 10 Vivo 65 ventilators simultaneously
  • Real-time monitoring and clear indication of alarms
  • Waveforms and loops for in-depth analysis of treatment • 365-day storage of data
  • Facilitates workflows and timely intervention EXTENSIVE MONITORING
  • Integrated monitoring of SpO2 , FiO2 and CO2 helps reduce the need for external monitoring devices and reduce cost
  • Numerical values and waveforms on the screen, multiple alarms
  • CO2 monitoring is quick and easy to use, does not require calibration and provides increased insight into the quality of ventilation
  • The Vivo 65 is the latest ventilator of Breas Medical for use in the hospital, post-acute care institutions and the home. Vivo 65 has been developed with the needs of professional caregivers and patients in mind: to provide highly effective and comfortable treatment and to help avoid readmissions to the hospital.

Vivo 65 is an ideal choice for treatment of children (> 11 lbs / 5 kg) thanks to its accurate volume delivery and highly responsive trigger system. With its intuitive user interface, the Vivo 65 is easy-to-use and easy-to-teach.

The Vivo 65 brings advanced monitoring capabilities providing detailed insight in the quality of ventilation.

  • Integrated monitoring of SpO2, CO2 and FiO2
  • Real time values and curves on the device
  • Comprehensive alarms
  • PC software for detailed analysis and reporting
  • 12 hour autonomy with the 4 hour internal battery plus the 8 hour click-on battery

Adaptable to patients’ needs and prescriber preferences

  • Suitable for a wide range of pathologies and for patients with changing requirements over time
  • Multiple circuits: dual limb with exhaled volume measurements, single limb with exhalation valve or leakage port
  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilation
  • Multiple modes – Pressure and Volume Modes with Target Volume and SIMV

Easy-to-use thanks to intuitive user interface

  • Simple menu structure
  • User friendly color interface
  • Easy to teach, easy to learn, reducing risk for mistakes
  • Extensive analysis and detailed reports in the PC software


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